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Tree Tops Jungle Lodge

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Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, Yala, Sri Lanka

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On a journey back to basics, living with nature. We believe in basic comfort and offer a nature retreat extremely well integrated in our wonderful surroundings; the virgin forest, the rocky hills, and the wildlife. Via the dirt track to the lodge you leave the world behind and end up in elephant country. This jungle, the Weliara forest, is hidden between Yala National Park and the Arahat Kanda mountains � a 15 km long chain of steep rocky hills, seperating civilisation from wilderness. Situated in uninhabited jungle bordering Sri Lanka�s largest protected area, the 1300 km2 Yala NP, we live amidst the whole range of animals found in the neighboring sanctuary. Most prominent among our wild visitors are the elephants. Nights in the jungle is an experience of darkness and strange sounds. When elephants pass by they are usually very silent but sometimes heard breaking branches or trumpeting. The lucky ones will hear the �song of elephants� � herds long distance communicating with sound wawes, like whales. Birders need no luck. 161 species are recorded in our area. A few of them are: Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot, Alexandrine Parakeet, Sri Lankan Jungle Fowl, Grey- and Malabar Pied Hornbill, Green Bee-eater, and Baya Weawer.

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